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The Secret To Aging Backwards

Richard Roll Interviews Jackie Silver


Richard: Hi everyone, it’s Richard Roll at the BBRC, the Baby Boomers Retirement
Club and I’m very happy to have as our guest this afternoon, Jackie Silver who is the
creator of Aging Backwards the book and also the Aging Backwards membership and
product line. Welcome Jackie, it’s great to have you with us.

Jackie: Great to be here, Richard.

Richard: Jackie, what exactly is Aging Backwards? What does that mean?

Jackie: Well, Aging Backwards is a way of life that uses a lot of small steps that add up
to big results. You know when you take things in small chunks they just seem a lot more
doable than if you try to overhaul your whole life at one time.

Richard: Okay, and give us an example of some of those steps. And, you know, before
we get to that let me just ask you about your story because your story is extremely
interesting. I’ve seen pictures of you. Now, first of all let me tell our audience that
Jackie Silver’s an extremely beautiful woman and she is a very vivacious woman and her
story is kind of interesting because I’ve seen pictures of you, Jackie, when you were 12
you were overweigh, your skin wasn’t good, you were – I think you were wearing some
clunky eye glasses, your hair wasn’t anything particularly – you didn’t necessarily have
all of the natural beautiful attractive features that you have today. Maybe you can talk a
little bit about your story and how you became such a beauty, frankly.

Jackie: Well, thank you for the nice compliments and you’re pretty close on the 12-yearold
picture minus the glasses. But you know what Richard I was an obese child when
childhood obesity was pretty much unheard of and that’s was a really difficult situation
for a 12-year-old. The kids at school use to call me dumbo because I was not only obese
but then my ears stuck out as well. And so I really started out on the yo-yo dieting at 10
years old, which just Number 1 can’t be healthy for a person and secondly, you know,
obviously it just started a life long battle with up and down with my weight. So I can
really relate to people that have, you know, started out in life. You know, we all have
some good genetics I like to say, but the trick with Aging Backwards is to work with what
you have and concentrate on where you want to be. So I really struggled for most of my
life with my weight, but besides that Richard, I like to say I’m defining my genetics
because my father suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol and he died at
49-years-old of a heart attack and he was a cardiologist, by the way, he smoked two
packs of cigarettes a day. I’m 49 and I don’t have any of those things.

Richard: Wow, that’s amazing. Jackie, you’re going to be hitting the big 50 one of these
days a lot of our members and our listeners are in that situation or beyond. It isn’t phased
you a bit.

Jackie: Well.

Richard: Tell us about that.

Jackie: No, it doesn’t because actually I am almost 50 and I still get asked for ID to buy
wine, so it wouldn’t phase me one bit. I embrace maturing, Richard, but that doesn’t
mean that I have to look my age, you know. We all get older but how we age is up to us.

Richard: Jackie, I’d really love to hear about your secret for beautiful soft skin.

Jackie: Well, I have several secrets for that and one of my favorites is pure organic raw
virgin coconut oil. And I do have a product called Cocoa Body which is available at and it’s just the purest most wonderful coconut oil that I’ve ever
found. I tried a lot of different brands before I put this one out but, you know, I like to say
“I didn’t invent it, God did it, I just put it in the jars.” It’s just naturally anti-bacterial,
anti-viral. It’s soft skin, its soft hair; it’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Richard: And it doesn’t clog your pores?

Jackie: No, not at all because one of the things about coconut oil is it’s a medium chain
fatty acid, not to get too science, and you know I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist but I
do spend a lot of time studying and discovering and searching high and low for all of the
Aging Backward secrets, and a medium chain fatty acid means that coconut oil has a
much smaller molecule than the other oils so it readily, you know, absorbs into your skin
but with no chemicals, Richard. When you’re using over the counter products they have
chemicals and your skin is your largest organ so all those chemicals are going right into
your body.

Richard: Well, that’s what I was going to ask you about, you know, here you talk to me
about natural coconut oil and many of the concoctions that are designed to reverse the
aging process of the skin have these various – they do have various chemicals whether
they maybe natural or quasi-natural, meaning synthetic bases of natural chemical, but you
are absorbing those things. Can you get the same results with cocoa butter?

Jackie: It’s actually cocoa body and it’s…

Richard: Cocoa body.

Jackie: Yes, it’s coconut oil but, you know, I use it I’ve been using it for years. I can tell
you the story of how I started using it; I don’t know how much time we have here, but…

Richard: We have enough time for a quick story about that.

Jackie: Okay. The quick story is that I had somebody who cleaned my pool for me for
many years and he was this young bop-strapping guy and…

Richard: The famous pool boy story, okay.

Jackie: The pool boy story.

Richard: Tell us on the air, okay.

Jackie: Yes, I tell this story on the air all the time because it’s a really great story because
it just goes to show you about the power of natural healing. And the pool boy had
contracted some sort of dreaded illness where he could not work he got this muscle
wasting illness where he ended up being like a 90 pound weakling and he was just so
weak he couldn’t work he had to sell his business and he went from doctor to doctor
nobody could help him. And finally, he found some natural doctors and they put him on
coconut oil and they had him eating it as well. You know, you can eat cocoa body it’s
very pure but we just say, you know, use it all over your body. And he started using
coconut oil and he completely reversed whatever this mysterious illness was and he
would tell me about it all the time and I’d go “Yeah, yeah, yeah, coconut oil.” And
finally he brought me some in a container and I started frying my eggs and veggies in it
because one thing about coconut oil it’s very stable at high heat which is unlike the other
oils, it does not break down at high heat.

Richard: But it is high in cholesterol.

Jackie: Well, you know what, it looks high in cholesterol because it’s a white paste that
looks like Crisco but it actually has a lot of different, you know, I really don’t have time
to go into all that and I’m not a scientist enough to go into all of that.

Richard: Well, you don’t have to eat it.

Jackie: You don’t have to eat it, but actually, eating it is actually what cured him
according to the pool guy, and then he would bring it to me and I would start using it in
the shower and, you know, you’ve seen my hands, 50-year-old hands that look like
they’re 30 or some people say 20s, and I just love it.

Richard: Well, that’s what I’m getting at everybody, you know, when you arrive at a
certain point in life looking in the mirror is something that you don’t want to have to
avoid, you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say “You know what, I
look pretty darn good” and that’s one of the reasons that I wanted to have Jackie share
that secret with us. Jackie, what’s the weirdest thing you ever heard about carrying for
your skin, techniques or things that people do, the length that people will go to, to have
young looking skin?

Jackie: Well, I have a really cute story for you on that, but before that I want to interject
one thing which I love that you said about looking in the mirror, and that is I want to
encourage people not to forget that there are parts of you below the mirror that show your
age, which is your neck, chest and hands. So what I like to do is put SPF on my face,
neck, chest and hands and still get my son for Vitamin D on the other parts of me. So
getting back to the weirdest thing I ever heard, there’s a treatment being offered at an
upscale salon, and of course, New York City and its made form Nightingale Droppings, I
kid you not. It’s called the Geisha Facial at Shisaka, which is a Japanese spa in midtown
Manhattan, and it promises to cleanse, exfoliate, and brighten the face but it’s bird poop,
basically. Now, according to a spa spokesperson the smell is neutralized because the
poop is sanitized with ultraviolet light and then it’s finally milled and mixed with rice
brand. And the theory behind the treatment is that Japanese Geisha’s and Kabuki actors
used Nightingale droppings to clean off that thick makeup that they use and they found
that the ingredient Quinine improved their complexions. So at this New York salon the
mixture is applied as a mask to the tune of $180 dollars for a 50 minute treatment. So I
found that to be, you know, going to extreme lengths putting bird poop on your face.

Richard: Well, in just about any city or suburbs there are spots you can stand and you
can have bird poop on your face for free.

Jackie: Oh, but it won’t be Nightingale or maybe it will be, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a
Nightingale in the wild, have you?

Richard: Probably not Nightingale and you probably have to wait an indeterminate
amount of time also so…

Jackie: Exactly.

Richard: Moving along I have another tip that I’d like to hear from you for our audience
about how to look thinner in minutes?

Jackie: Well, that’s a great tip because it’s something so simple, and you may have heard
it before but, you know, I like to say a lot of these things bear repeating because we have
a lot of information thrown at us everyday, every hour, every minute and the way to look
thinner in minutes is with self-tanner. Now, I don’t put it on my face but I do put selfAUDIO
tanner pretty much from about the neck down, especially if I’m going out to a party and
I’m going to wear something that’s got a bare back or bare shoulders, it really makes a

Richard: No kidding, that is amazing. Jackie Silver is our guest,
Aging Backwards the book, Aging Backwards the membership and the product line.
Jackie, one thing that you discussed with me that I thought was really important for
people, especially those who are not in the habit of working out they want to be in the
habit but they’re not. What is the way to trick yourself into working out?

Jackie: I’m so glad you asked me about that because working out is pretty much the bane
of a lot of people’s existence and it really doesn’t have to be. And also maybe when
people find this out, which is what I’m about to tell you, they might want to work out
even more because physical exercise is the best proven prescription so far for keeping
your memory in tact while aging according to scientist who’ve studied the subject. So
it’s not just about fitting into your clothes or having, you know, a good heart, which of
course we want a strong heart and lungs, we want to look good in our clothes, but how
about staying out of the old age home with memory troubles, right?

Richard: Right, very important. One out of five baby boomers expected to contract
Alzheimer’s and there are things you can do to prevent it, and obviously, circulation and
exercise is key removing the toxins and so forth, but please continue.

Jackie: Yes, here’s the trick. Even I like to be a coach potato sometimes, Richard, even
though I love to work out it just feels so good and I’ve been working out for about 30
years but once in a while I get into that rut where oh, I just don’t want to do it, so you
know what I do. I put on my cutest outfit, and you know what, no matter what size we
are we all have something that we feel really lovely in, so I put on my cutest workout
outfit and my sneakers and I just say I’m going to fake it, if I’m going to do it at home
I’m just going to pretend and play along just so I’m not sitting on the couch, or if I’m
going to the gym I’m just going to look at all the cutest, okay. So I go in as if I’m not
putting any pressure on myself I’m just going to fake the movements, and within five
minutes you find a second wind and you’re just going full speed ahead and it feels so
wonderful, especially when it’s over.

Richard: Yeah. It’s so true though when you’re just getting started and then you take it
at whatever pace you want, but getting started was the key.

Jackie: Exactly, so if you know you take the pressure off, I’m just going to pretend. You
know what I found out in my 50 years of life, Richard, people really aren’t studying me
that closely most people are all in their own self, you’re right.

Richard: Yep. So your point is that working out – work out for yourself, work out to feel
good, and work out whether you feel you need to or not to get started…

Jackie: Right and…

Richard: …trick yourself into working out if you need to.

Jackie: …don’t worry about what other people are thinking or looking at because they’re
not thinking or looking at you.

Richard: Exactly. Jackie Silver Aging Backwards, Jackie what are you Top 5 Tips for
aging backwards.

Jackie: You know there’s a lot of tips out there and people will say the usual Top 5 Tips,
so I like to give 5 different tips. My first one is, eat before you get hungry. You know
they always say “Eat five small meals a day, two and a half to three hours” and all that’s
true, but sometimes you forget or you’re not in a position. So my tip is I carry almonds
in my purse and in my car and almonds are a really wonderful natural food that have
protein and the right kind of fat and they’re wonderful for your skin and they tied over
your hunger. So eat before you get hungry keep almonds with you. Number 2 we just
talked about, which was trick yourself into working out. Number 3 and this is really
important, especially when you look at some of the celebrities that one day they look like
themselves and the next day you see them and you don’t even recognize them. So
Number 3 is small changes over time are better than one big overhaul when it comes to
cosmetic surgery. Yep. Number 4 I think you’re going to love. Study show that
participating in volunteer work is the primary indicator of who will be the healthiest and
live the longest. Who would expect that?

Richard: That’s funny. Well, we know that at the BBRC it is in our health resources
getting involved and staying involved in the community, but who would have known that
it actually proved out in medical longitudes and studies…

Jackie: Yes, as the primary indicator of who will be the healthiest and live the longest.
And Number 5 is something that you and I were talking about recently and that is I urge
people to discover EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques for stress relief
and a host of other uses and they can find out all about it at

Richard: That is super. And I have tried it and it does work and I’m looking to explore
more and we’re going to tell people more about EFT in a future audio interview.

Jackie: Wonderful.

Richard: Jackie Silver Aging Backwards,, thank you so much for
joining us, really looking forward to having you back and some more discoveries and tips
and insights in aging backwards and just staying yourself, staying beautiful, becoming
more beautiful from the inside out.

Jackie: Exactly, that’s what’s important. Thank you so much for having me.

Richard: Thank you, Jackie. Bye-now.

Jackie: Bye.

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