Our Mission

Finally…easy to start and use, automatic retirement tools for the great majority of us

Perhaps like most of us approaching retirement age, you have not really begun preparing for this next phase of life or believe there’s a lot more you can do.

Well you’re not alone…the great majority of us Baby Boomers (82%) are in the same boat…and we know it can be complicated, take a lot of time, studying, reading, and comparing.

BBRC provides a roster of easy-to-use benefits designed to make your retirement planning easy, affordable, and fun.  Once you’ve completed the 10 Minute Retirement Quiz, you’ll have the necessary tools to begin your retirement planning process.  And you’re automatically enrolled as a BBRC Gold member.  As a member, you will have access to our roster of exclusive benefits, which include Health Programs, Reverse Mortgage Programs, Free Travel Opportunities, member online forums, and our BBRC monthly –newsletter just to name a few.

For members, BBRC has selected only the very best programs, products, services and ideas that we can find…especially programs that are easy to start and have benefits you can use today!

Think of BBRC as your passport to a world of new world of lifestyle options and exciting opportunities for your next stage of life!

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