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Perfect Storm Catching Baby Boomers Unprepared, Expert Says:
Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) Offers Timely New Solutions

May 14, 2008


Stamford, Conn.—A two trillion dollar decline in housing values, an economic recession, and a languishing stock market have left America’s Baby Boomers facing a world profoundly different from the world they knew just six months ago.

“We are right smack in the middle of a perfect storm the likes of which no generation (and certainly no American generation of 75 million people) has ever had to face,” says Richard J. Roll, CEO and co-founder of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC).

For Baby Boomers, just when their retirement years are zooming up on them, the values of their home equity, 401k’s and stock portfolios have plummeted down. The rate of inflation is growing. The U.S. economy is in a credit crunch and a recession that are not likely to clear up very soon. The U.S. dollar is at a new low in buying power versus other currencies throughout the world.

At the same time, this country has gone from a balanced federal budget in the recent past, to a trillion dollar deficit. Baby Boomers will become the first generation ever to live more than half of their adult lives after age 50, and from where they currently sit, the view for most is daunting. “The worst things we can think of are running out of money, losing our health, getting old, being a burden on our kids, getting put in a nursing home. We want to have enough income, security, freedom from worry and want, and the ability to enjoy life and do the things we want to do in the rest of our lives,” says Roll.

The Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) is a web portal and membership site for Baby Boomers that is providing them a stream of exclusive, hand-picked opportunities and “use today” travel, lifestyle, health, and financial benefits that can give them more sense of control and well-being than most others in their generation. It starts with the patent-pending, interactive 10-minute quiz that begins the process of asking and answering the key financial, family, and lifestyle planning questions all Baby Boomers currently face. In 10 minutes, with the push of a button, they have a personalized learning center with all the answers they need, when they need them.
Additional benefits of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) include:

  • BBRC Visa or MasterCard with cash back rewards to add to your retirement savings every time you make a purchase.
  • 401K advisory services and BBRC Stock Loan Program.
  • Personal protection services which include prepaid legal services, identity theft protection, wills and estate planning professional services.
  • Free BBRC pharmacy discount card providing prescription discounts 10% below AARP prices.
  • Reverse mortgage program.
  • Travel services, international tour packages, cruises and getaways.
  • Retirement income locator services.
  • Caregiver support program.
  • Member online social network and discussion forums.
  • Retire overseas information service.

Roll’s background includes executive stints at Citibank, and as founder of the American Homeowners Association (AHA). He is also a best-selling Book-of-the-Month Club author of 2 popular books, on retirement planning, and personal finances for young professionals. He and his team of world class experts have developed programs that help Baby Boomers navigate their finances with one of the most extensive investment sites on the web, and services like a unique 401k investment advisory service that provides boomers with mathematically determined recommendations to balance their investment portfolios, based on their age and appetite for risk, while protecting against extreme losses; and the investors keep their money in their existing fund managers’ and accounts.

“The greatest challenge for the 78 million Baby Boomers who are getting on in years (including myself), is how to be prepared for the financial challenges of living a much longer life,” says Roll. “That is why the mission of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) is to get Baby Boomers started toward having a secure retirement future by answering just 10 questions in 10 minutes.”

On Thursday, May, 15, 2008, the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) opens up the doors on its new Platinum Membership with an unprecedented one day only bounty of valuable sign-up bonuses valued at more than $2,200.

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