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Overwhelming Issues and Choices Face Baby Boomers -
Plan Promises to Help Them Sort it Out in 10 Minutes

July 28, 2008  


Stamford, Conn.—Baby Boomers are facing retirement, if they have not already retired, and along with that come the stresses of having enough money, making the best investments, having the best income opportunities, preserving their health, and caring for their aging parents among other things. Most Baby Boomers are unprepared for retirement and are facing uncharted waters in coming to terms with retirement planning.

“The worst things we can think of are running out of money, losing our health, getting old, being a burden on our kids, getting put in a nursing home. We want to have enough income, security, freedom from worry and want, and the ability to enjoy life and do the things we want to do in the rest of our lives,” says Richard Roll, founder and CEO of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC).

In response to these concerns, the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) created the “10-Minute Retirement Plan.” It includes a simple quiz and customized learning center that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of your retirement plan.

The “10-Minute Retirement Plan” addresses:

  • Having Enough Money in Retirement
  • Making the Best Investments
  • Finding the Best Business and Income Opportunities
  • Preserving Your Health
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Making Smart Estate Plans
  • Caring for You Spouse, Significant Others
  • Spending Time and Traveling
  • Where to Live
  • Your Spirit and Well-Being

“This easy-to-use 10-Minute Retirement Quiz can make the difference between a satisfying next stage of life, or a miserable one,” Roll says. “It gets you started in painlessly answering the 10 key financial and lifestyle planning questions all Baby Boomers need to face up to today. The quiz identifies your own personal top priorities and questions, and links you to the answers and solutions on your own personalized, privacy-protected BBRC member web site. And there are no wrong answers.”

The Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) “10-Minute Retirement Quiz” is available to everyone, free of charge at


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