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Baby Boomers Want to Keep Working - Will They Have the Chance

August 15, 2008


Stamford, Conn.—In 2008, the first wave of baby boomers turned 62, making them eligible for social security and retirement, but most did not save enough money to retire the way they would like, forcing many back into the workforce post-retirement. A sluggish economy and a seeming resistance of employers to hire older employees make the task of finding a needed source of income all the more difficult.

“Employers are not prepared for an influx of older workers with flexible work schedules, so many boomers will need to pursue opportunities for self-employment that can produce reliable income without a lot of investment or risk,” says Richard Roll, founder and CEO of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC).

The Baby Boomers Retirement Club has come up with an arsenal of programs to help baby boomers find the resources they need in this area of their life. These programs include:

  • BBRC Retirement Income Locator - how to find, screen and finance the right business income opportunities for you
  • BBRC Member Forums - advice, information and answers, all from a community of like-minded baby boomers
  • Audio Interviews with Experts - with advice on how to earn recurring income, start a home-based information marketing or coaching business and tap into your marketable expertise

“Boomers should gain a sense of relief when they tap resources like the BBRC that are aggressively helping them define new income opportunities,” says Roll.

These services are included in the Baby Boomers Retirement Club’s (BBRC) Platinum Membership. For more information on what the BBRC can do for you, go to and take the 10-Minute Retirement Quiz.

About the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC):
The Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) is focused on getting Baby Boomers started in planning and living a successful and satisfying future path of life. BBRC provides a stream of exclusive, hand-picked opportunities and "use today" travel, lifestyle, health, and financial benefits to give Baby Boomers a greater sense of well-being and control than others in their situation.

Starting with the patent-pending, interactive "10-Minute Retirement Quiz", members begin the process of asking and answering the key financial, family and lifestyle planning questions all Baby Boomers currently face. In just 10 minutes they have a personalized learning center that gives them just the answers they need, when they need them. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the BBRC membership is provided directly to consumers online, as well as on a group basis through selected organizations, employers, and financial institutions.


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